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5 Fun Games for Learning Piano Chords

Learning to play the piano is a really rewarding process, for aspiring musicians of all ages! But remember: as with all new skills, it takes a lot of practice and commitment to make progress. Simply playing away at the keys one by one can get you past the first few lessons, but if you really want to start understanding the piano, learning piano chords is important – especially as you start working on more complicated piano songs. You can learn how to play chords with the help of a good piano teacher, but you’ll also have to do some work on your own. The good news? There are plenty of modern apps and games that can help you in between your lessons.

1. Learn Piano Chords

Learn Piano Chords is an game that turns your Android phone into a small keyboard. Select the chords you want to learn or practice, and the keyboard will highlight the right keys to play. You can practice playing single notes until you are comfortable with the complete chord. By listening to the audio feedback, you’ll quickly notice your mistakes and be able to make adjustments and perfect the chords. The more you practice, the easier they’ll get and soon your muscle memory will take over.

2. Piano Master

Piano Master is one of the most popular music apps available for both iOS and Android. It helps you learn to play many classic and popular songs using a digital keyboard that functions just like a piano. The game helps you because you can see the keys you play, and it measures how well you play each chord. You can see right away if you are too late, too slow, or if you hit a wrong key. The goal is to progressively learn complete songs, and the more you practice, the closer you will get to being able to play the whole piece.

3. Magic Piano by Smule

The Magic Piano app, which is available for both Android and iOS, is pretty impressive. New hit songs are uploaded every week, and you can play along until you get it just right. From basic songs to multi-chord compositions, you can do it all. This is a great game because it introduces you to complex songs, but gives you all the feedback you need to make it work. Beams of light on the screen help beginners learn the synchronized finger movements that are necessary for learning piano chords; with repeated practice, this helps you increase your efficiency and speed while playing.

4. Magic Piano

This Magic Piano game, available for Android only, is different than the Smule version above; here, you have an animated keyboard that includes a visual set of hands. The hands act as a guide, and you first learn by following those hands. You’ll see the notes listed as you play them, which can help you memorize notes on the actual piano. Audio playback helps you see where you had trouble, as well. This combination of visual, kinesthetic, and audio learning can help you learn in a variety of ways, no matter what your learning style is. You can practice uploaded songs and chord arrangements, or put together your own songs and send them to your friends. It’s a clever game that will hold your attention and keep you learning week to week!

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5. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano, yet another Android app, has its own unique style for teaching and learning piano chords. As a song plays, balls fall down on the screen to show which specific keys to play on the digital keyboard displayed. This helps you get accustomed to the motions involved with playing chord progressions. The game focuses on improving reaction time and hand quickness, which is an essential skill for piano players. Perfect Piano’s interface looks like a piano and the audio sounds like a piano, which makes it feel like you are learning chords in a traditional way. There is also a music sheet mode.

Using smartphone games like these makes it possible for you to stay on top of practicing, no matter where you are. These fun games will also help make learning piano chords simpler in the long run. Of course, if you’re serious about learning piano chords and really improving your piano skills, working with a private teacher can make a huge difference. Use these games in between your private lessons to keep you motivated, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

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