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How To Play

Virtual Piano is so easy to play, anyone can do it!
How does it work?

All you need is your computer keyboard to play. Virtual Piano music sheets are written to correspond with the letters on your computer keyboard. For example, where you see – tt oo pp o – type those letters on your keyboard to play the notes. Each number and letter on your keyboard corresponds to a white piano key, while holding the shift key plays the black keys:

Lower case letters – play the white keys on the piano.
Upper case letters – play the black keys on the piano.

What do the different characters in the music sheets mean?

a s d f Play each note after a short pause
asdf Play notes one after the other
[a s d f] Play the sequence at fast speed
[asdf] Play notes together simultaneously
as | df Play notes after a long pause
[as] [df] Play notes together
How can I start?

As always, the best way to learn anything is with practice. There are hundreds of songs in the Virtual Piano Music Sheets for you to discover. When you have selected your music sheet press ‘Play’ underneath the music sheet to open the Virtual Piano in a new window, which will allow you to read the music sheet on the original page. We recommend you start with some simple songs, try these first:

(For more, use the easy tag).

For more, use the expert tag.

What songs can I play?

There is no limit to the songs that can be played using Virtual Piano. We have an extensive music sheet library on the site and new songs are constantly being added. To explore, open the Music Sheets to bring up a selection of music in Virtual Piano’s very own sheet music language.

Need some inspiration? Check out the Virtual Piano YouTube channel.

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