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Learn Jazz Piano Lessons

Each online jazz piano lesson contains a 30 minute video, backing tracks, sheet music and a quiz plus an extract from my eBook Learn Jazz Piano.
My jazz piano lessons are easy to follow and fully integrated. But this is no ordinary jazz piano lesson. With Jazz Piano Lessons Online you are freed from just reading the notes in front of you. By watching and playing along you will soon be creating your own jazz solos. You will move with ease through the levels to suit your development.
Jazz piano lessons 1 – 5 will take you through jazz basics. By jazz piano lesson 10 you will have an understanding of the II – V – I sequence and the concept of extentions.
By the time you reach lesson 15 you’ll be playing the blues and jazz standards. From lesson 16 onwards Learn Jazz Piano Online takes you into more advanced concepts such as tritone substitution and reharmonizing a chord sequence. Then, from video 20 onwards, each jazz piano lesson looks into the art of playing solos in more depth.

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