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Learn Piano Chords For Free

If you want to learn piano chords you’re in the right place.

This is the perfect site for learning piano chords. You learn how to build all kinds of chords including major, minor, augmented, diminished, dominant seventh, major seventh, minor sixth, major sixth chords. When you have learned the simpler chords you can move on to more advanced ninth, eleventh and thirteenth chords.

You can learn chords at our main piano chords section, check out major and minor chord charts, diminished or augmented charts among other piano chord charts.

In this lesson we take a look at dominant seventh and minor seventh piano chords. In addition to listing the notes that form the 12 dominant seventh and 12 minor seventh chords, I have created two piano chord charts. A piano chord chart goes a long way when learning piano chords.

How to build a dominant seventh chord on piano

To build a dominant 7th chord, you combine the root, third, fifth and flat seventh of the major scale. It’s really a major chord with an added flat 7th note. This chord is represented by the symbols dom. 7 or 7. For example a C dominant 7th chord is written Cdom.7 or C7.

Let’s learn piano chords, dominant seventh piano chords in fact. Here are dominant 7th piano chords in all 12 keys.

Dominant Seventh Piano Chords Chart

C dominant seventh – C E G Bb
C# dominant seventh – C# E# G# B
D dominant seventh – D F# A C
Eb dominant seventh – Eb G Bb Db
E dominant seventh – E G# B D
F dominant seventh – F A C Eb
F# dominant seventh – F# A# C# E
G dominant seventh – G B D F
Ab dominant seventh – Ab C Eb Gb
A dominant seventh – A C# E G
Bb dominant seventh – Bb D F Ab
B dominant seventh – B D# F# A

Learn Minor Seventh Piano Chords

Let’s continue learning piano chords. We now take a look at minor seventh piano chords. Minor seventh piano chords are formed by combining the root, flat third, fifth and flat seventh of the major scale. A minor seventh is really a minor chord with the added flat seventh note. This chord is represented by the symbol -7 or min7. For example C minor seventh can be written C-7 or Cmin7.

Let’s learn how to form minor seventh chords on piano in all 12 keys.

Minor Seventh Piano Chord Chart

C minor seventh – C Eb G Bb
C# minor seventh – C# E G# B
D minor seventh – D F A C
Eb minor seventh – Eb Gb Bb Db
E minor seventh – E G B D
F minor seventh – F Ab C Eb
F# minor seventh – F# A C# E
G minor seventh – G Bb D F
Ab minor seventh – Ab Cb Eb Gb
A minor seventh – A C E G
Bb minor seventh – Bb Db F Ab
B minor seventh – B D F# A

You can learn piano chords at our main piano chords section. From there you can navigate to other chord pages. Or you can check out the free piano chord chart page as well for great information on learning piano chords. Learn to play chords with Piano For All piano lessons.

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