Mad World piano notes?

learn mad world on piano

Mad World piano notes ?

Dd ff dd aa af gg ge gg gf ed dd ff aa bg gb bg d dd ff aa bg gb bg d fd fd

The above is wrong. It goes like this.

Ab C G Ab F G D# D. Ab C G Ab F G Ab A#

This is, how ever, only the introduction. You play this by playing both hands for 1 then only the right hand for the next bit. So for example you play

G# + F together then it would go C then G+ G#+C. Then G. Once you get the hang of it it will come easy to you.

It is in the key of C minor, Eb majors relation, so it has 3 flats (b) and, as it is harmonic, will have a lot of the flats dropped from the Bb.

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