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Musician transformation collection learn piano

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Musician Transformation Collection

As you all know here at the Business and Musicians Forum. Our inboxes get flooded from time to time and we love to support are fellow gospel musicians. Today, while I was sitting at my desk a message popped up from Jermaine Griggs. He had some great stuff to offer and take advantage of. He just recently offered the music transformation package. We just want to recommend this product to all the other musicians that are out there.

The Musicians Transformation Package 44 pg Guide
Click Here To Download The 44 pg Guide

This guide will change your playing for the better it is filled with the most advanced techniques and strategies that will improve your confidence and your playing. This report covers note names, major and minor scales, the number system, major-minor scales and chords.

The 29 pg Guide and Free Videos
These are free addtional bonuses that will advance your playing and they are availiable to you.

Gospel Music Training Center
Learn weekly song pattern lessons to downloadable resources and live training events, this will be your “go-to” hub for anything. No more having to pay for ridiculously expensive lessons that never get you far. This is a great tool for any musician to have in their tool belt.

Right now Jermaine Griggs is having a sale with free shipping on the 300 pg. course book (that I have been talking about. You know, the theory book) and giving away for free Gospel Keys 101 (great Dvd for harmonizing the melody). You pay $52.00
Click here for more info about this limited time sale!

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