Piano Fingerings for All Major Scales – Learn Jazz Standards

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Piano Fingerings for All Major Scales

The major scales are incredibly important to know, and every musician should learn their major scales in all keys on their instrument.

There are 12 major scales by sound and 15 major scales by sight! The number depends on whether you count C#/Db, F#/Gb, and B/Cb once or twice each. Those 3 scales can be spelled in sharps or in flats. They are written differently, but they sound the same.

Here are the correct fingerings for all 15 major scales for the piano. They are written out for both Right Hand and Left Hand.

These are only written for one octave, so if you want to go more than one octave you simply start over with the same fingering starting again on the root of the 2nd octave. The given fingering is for the last octave played, or for just one octave.

Enjoy! These scales are useful to know on the piano even if you are not a pianist!

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