Piano lessons Syllabus, JL Piano Lessons Brooklyn

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For all pianists, reading music is highly important, and all of my students will learn to sight read. I always start beginners with the John Thompson method- “Teaching Little Fingers to Play” will be their first book. Along the way I will incorporate the books and material of Schaum, Faber , and Bastien, among others.

Once a basic grasp of reading has been achieved, we will also begin working on memorizing classical pieces to obtain a sense of musicality and technique. I also will incorporate a lot of improvisational training- I love the Blues, so we’d be doing a lot of that, as well as Jazz, Rock, and Pop.

I really encourage the students to sing as well (if they’re up to it!). I’ve had years of experience in vocal coaching and choral accompaniment, and I’ve played piano behind some fantastic singers.

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