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Windows 10 App Store – where are logs?

Please, can you say me where can I found logs from W10 Store – when and who install app? I seen in Event logs – Application – but I think, that only MSI installer there are.

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If you open up command promp type => wscollect In a few seconds it will say Done There will then be a file on your desktop called StoreLogs with the date. Hope that helps.

To access the Windows Store debug logs on Windows 10, open the Event Viewer, and then click on the arrows in the left column to navigate to:

  1. Applications and Services
  2. Microsoft
  3. Windows
  4. Store
  5. Operational

No, there is no such log recorded in event log. It will only record the log like app is not started or launched successfully etc. You could see Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log path to know well.

If you want to know when install, please launch the Windows Store, click the see more button. , then click My library

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